Sam Elson


My name is Samuel Elson. I am a professional mountain biker and cycling coach. I grew up in Minnesota and began mountain biking around the age of 10 chasing my dad around in the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series. At the age of 15, I started to take cycling more seriously and began working with a coach to reach my goal of becoming a professional cyclist. Coaching had a profound effect on me and it changed the way I looked at training and cycling in general. When I turned professional at the age of 18, I started attending national level XC races across the country, chasing after points and the fastest mountain bikers. I am now 20 years old and still pushing myself to be the fastest cyclist I can be

I believe there are many qualities in a good coach. Being knowledgeable about their sport and the science behind training is one of them. Having an open-door policy on communication is also important – having both regular scheduled meetings to discuss progress and having the ability to reach out at anytime in between. A good coach will also have you set goals. Your coach should be able to explain to you why the workouts and races are structured like they are to achieve your personal goals. A good coach also understands that there needs to be a good balance in your life between work, family, friends, and training. As a coach, I understand cycling and the science behind it. I also understand that each athlete is unique and I write challenging and fun workouts for the individual not just a cyclist in general.

I have been on both sides as the athlete and the coach and know that it takes an outside perspective for me to stay focused and achieve my own goals. As a coach I want to inspire, motivate, and challenge my athletes. I want to share my experiences and passion for cycling by helping others achieve their goals and be the best cyclist they can be.

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